About Legal Hub

The Legal Hub comprises a specialist team of financial experts from a broad range of disciplines:

  • Mortgage lending
  • Specialist mortgage underwriting
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Compliance specialists (MCOB/COB/CONC)
  • Debt advisors
  • Regulated arrears management experts
  • Investment advisors
  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

Since 2011, our consultants have assisted hundreds of firms to access, process and settle financial claims. We have evolved and developed alongside the changing face of financial litigation.

We are the ‘go to’ expert in the mortgage mis-selling field and the evolving secret commission claim sector. We can be instructed at any point of the claim process, from cost effective interim reports at an early stage, through to part 35 instructions in preparation for trial.

We provide workshops and bespoke training packages to enable law firms to gain an understanding of how financial litigation can dovetail into your existing infrastructure. Our training can be tailored to one or more of the following sectors:

  • Mortgage Mis-selling
  • Secret commission claims
  • Investment mis-selling
  • Pension Mis-selling
  • Unfair Relationship claims (s.140 CCA)

We offer a robust and popular support service which has been carefully priced to offer your firm full 360 support on a paid monthly retainer that suits your firm’s budget

Our Core Offering

Legal Hub provide a robust and popular project management service centred around our wealth of experience in the financial claims sector. We have a range of payment terms, including day rate pricing or a retained model for firms who will need more of our consultants’ time.

We provide expert opinion to assist both claimant and defendant firms on complex financial litigation matters, these include:

  • Negligent mortgage advice
  • Negligent loan advice
  • Breach of statutory duty (MCOB, COB, CONC)
  • Irresponsible lending (MCOB/CCA)
  • Breach of fiduciary duty (‘secret’ commission claims)
  • Debt management mis-selling
  • SIPP mis-selling
  • Quantum reports

Legal Hub can provide time critical reports to assist the litigation process and allow the firm to assess prospects at an early stage at a nominal cost of £500 per report. The cost of any interim report will always be discounted against the full value of a part 35 report. Examples are:

  • Disclosure reports to provide an early indication of merit, causation and quantum at an early stage when the lender/broker file is disclosed
  • Underwriting reports to assess the lender’s compliance with the relevant regulatory touchstones
  • Eligibility reports referring to historic product guides available to Legal Hub for first and second mortgages as far back as 2000 –  these assess whether on the facts, the borrower would have qualified for a cheaper or more suitable product
  • Quantum reports
  • Arrears management reports benchmarking the lender’s actions against relevant rules and regulations (MCOB 13, OFT 2003 debt collection guidance, s.140 CCA 1974)
  • Professional negligence – benchmarking the advisor’s actions against that of a reasonably competent (first or second) mortgage broker

If your firm is already involved in financial litigation, we can provide tailored reports to meet your needs – please see our Instruct Us Page for further information

Equally, we can be instructed to work on a consultancy basis to support your existing infrastructure and maximise your profits on financial based claims – email consultancy@legal-hub.co.uk

If your firm does not currently have financial claims as part of your existing client services suite, please see our Financial Litigation Training Page for more info