Services: Quantum Reports

Quantum methodology

Quantum methodology and calculation is particularly complex in financial litigation, quite often this will require a forensic assessment of the position the claimant would have been in but for the relevant breach.

Legal Hub have developed a reporting suites that assist the firm to assess the potential level of damages at an early stage

We can tailor our quantum reports to a variety of financial based claims, including:

  • Payday Lending Claims 
  • Mortgage Mis-selling Claims 
  • Investment Claims 
  • Pension/SIPP Claims 
  • Breach of fiduciary duty/Secret commission claims 

Our Reports

Using our proprietary mortgage scheduling software, we can provide a yearly and monthly break down that compares the cost per month against 2 products, that selected by the advisor and the appropriate mortgage.

This allows your firm to empirically assess the claimant’s losses at any point in the mortgage term

We compare the claimants position between the (irresponsible) mortgage and the claimants position prior to entering into the same

 We provide a report to demonstrate the gross losses incurred by the claimant which will include compound interest at the prevailing rate

If your firm is already involved in financial litigation, we can provide tailored reports to meet your needs – please see our Instruct Us Page for further information

Equally, we can be instructed to work on a consultancy basis to support your existing infrastructure and maximise your profits on financial based claims – email

If your firm does not currently have financial claims as part of your existing client services suite, please see our Financial Litigation Training Page for more info